I’m back, and I’m in GRADE 6 NOW!!!  And I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging lately, it’s just that GRADE 6 IS SO MUCH WORK.  So if you still read this blog, after all this time, I jut want to let you know that I have a new blog now.  This time I’m allowed to have a lot more personal info being put on the blog now.  So if you want to find out my real name and stuff like that, go to my new blog.


Today at CDNIS, Rob Stewart came for the premiere of Sharkwater in all of Asia.  The movie is about sharks, how they are becoming extinct, how humans and sharks are afraid of eachother, and also about the killing of sharks for their fins.  The movie was filmed over 5 years and was filmed mostly underwater, on a boat or on Cocos island in Costa Rica and the Galapagos islands in Ecuador.  I think the movie was a real eye-opener for a lot of people, I think it was a great documentary and has a lot of great info in it too.  I hope you go and see it too as it is a great movie for all ages.


End of the School Year

Here at CDNIS we only have 12 days of school left!  We are in our last unit of inquiry and we have a lot of work to do for our big test on the human body.  The end of the school year is one of the busiest times of the year because we have to finish everything by June 15th.  We have to study and work on our human body workbook to get ready for the big test, the grade 6s have their big end of the year project on a certain topic about sharing the planet, and the high schoolers have their exams.  In the lower school, we usually go somewhere for the end of the year party, and this year we are going to the beach for the whole school day!  We are going with all the grade 5 teachers and students and I think everyone is looking forward to the parties, and the summer!


In the student blogging challenge, I have nominated ryanc2 to win because his blog is great.  He has a lot of posts that really attract your attention.  His theme is really eye-catching and his pictures are just simply awesome!  You can visit his blog here.  You can visit the blogging challenge website here to read about all the challenges.

Challenge #10

Hi everyone, just updating my previous post, “My blog facts”.  Including this one, I have 49 posts.  I have 58 comments.  25 of them are from me or people in my school.  The other ones are all from overseas.  12 of my posts were my free posts and the other 37 we did at school.  The day that HK stayed indoors received the most comments and I think it was because I gave information about what I was writing about and I had a lot of details.  The day that HK stayed indoors was also the post I enjoyed the most writing because I was interested in the subject as well.  I change my blog themes often because I chose the option to change headers every time you refresh the page.  I have 13 widgets, I think it’s the right amount of widgets because the readers don’t get distracted but they also get interested too.

Read about the student blogging challenge here.

Gr.5 Camp

This week, we went to Cheung Chau for our annual camp.  We went for 3 days, Wednesday to Friday.  We did loads of fun activities, we made biscuits that were so good, we tye dyed our shirts red and pink, we went biking all over the island, we did a night hike in almost pitch dark, we explored a cave, we went rock climbing, and finally, we did an amazing race, in which we had to go around the whole island looking for the answers for 9 questions we had to answer.  We slept in dorms on the top of one of the hills.  My roommates were, eagle03, 5a17, 5a21, 5b11, and 5d18.  All things considered, I think it was a great camp.

Which generation uses the computer the most?

Is it the young teens (12-17), youth (18-21), generation Y (22-26), generation X (27-40), the young boomers (41-50), the older boomers (51-61), or the seniors (62+).  The questions are…  Which generation Creates the most on the internet. Which generation comments and rates things the most. Which generation uses RSS and tag web pages the most. Which generation joins social networking the most. Which generation reads blogs and watch videos ONLY. Which generation are online but don’t do anything with it.

Festival of the Arts

At this time of the year in CDNIS, we have this thing called Festival of the arts.  It’s where we celebrate all different kinds of art.  This year, so far we have had a cooking show, a teacher’s showcase, a play acted out by deaf people, and a director’s perspective.  It is a week to look forward to for all students and teachers.